Bible Studies

5-Week Missions Bible Study (Acrobat File)

Leader's Guide (Acrobat File)

This is an incredible introduction to the Biblical Basis of Missions. A small group Bible Study can work through this in five weeks. Also download the leader's guide to accompany the study.

1-Week Missions Bible Study

This is a quick one week Bible Study that will walk you through Genesis to Revelation and present the big picture of missions in scripture.

14 Reasons for Missions

Fourteen simple and compelling arguments for the need and necessity of missions from the Scripture.


God's Heart for All Nations in Specific Books

Walk your Bible Study through specific books of the Bible taking a close look at what they say about God's heart for the world.

  • Revelation - Find out what happens to the unrepentant, idolatrous nations in the end and see God's unrelenting desire to see them repent.
  • Psalms - Get a picture of how David understood God's heart for the world and gain insight about God's love for all nations.
  • Minor Prophets - See how Micah, Habakkuk, Zephaniah and other Minor Prophets understood God's desire to see all nations worship Him.
  • Major Prophets - Isaiah and Jeremiah have some amazing observations regarding God's heart for the world, check out these passages that challenge us to take the gospel to the nations.