Mark Gauthier

US National Director, Campus Crusade for Christ

Shane Sebastian

National Director, Cru Global Missions

I can't think of a better group of people to mobilize my students than The Traveling Team. If you want your students to understand God's heart for the world, and how students can be a part of His mission, then have The Traveling Team come serve you. I encourage all my campus leaders to have them come share how God is working in the lives of young people around the world in fulfilling the Great Commission. You're missing out if you don't have them come challenge your students!

Louie Giglio

Passion Conferences / OneDay

"For the past ten years, The Traveling Team has been circling the U.S. challenging college students to live out of the box for the Glory of God among the nations. I cheer them on as they are one of the most strategic mobilization movements of this generation."

Curtis Tanner

Founder of Campus Outreach

David Sitton

President, To Every Trive

The Traveling Team does an amazing job of mobilizing college students to radically GO and get Christ established among the hardest and least reached peoples of the world. I love their energetic passion for the gospel and for their desire to make the name of God known among far-flung peoples and regions where there is no access to a credible witness for Christ. I commend them and appreciate their partnership in the mission.

Roger Hershey

Cru staff veteran for 40 year

Staff with Cru love having The Traveling Team come to their campuses. The vision and heart for the world are communicated with such Biblical clarity, power and compassion that students walk away thinking about their role in God's global purposes more than ever. TTT gives our local movements a huge boost by reinforcing what we want to inflame their hearts with and offering practical direction to help them take the next step. I am convinced that the Lord has raised up The Traveling Team at this time in history uniquely to cast the vision, educate and help thrust out the laborers to finally finish the Great Commission in this generation. We eagerly partner with them. No other ministry I know casts the vision, motivates and challenges students better than TTT. Really!

Dr. Max Barnett

BCM State Director Colorado

"I believe God will use The Traveling Team to encourage students to help fulfill the Great Commission."

Dr. Joe White

Author and President, Kanakuk Kamps

Joe G.

Vice President of Mobilization, Pioneers USA

"Every World Christian should have the Traveling Team's website bookmarked and visit it often. It is a feast for all who would understand God's global agenda and for discovering their role in the Great Commission."

Dr. Mark Young

President of Denver Seminary

"The Traveling Team is passionate about mobilizing students to engage in God's mission in the world. They communicate clearly from the Scriptures and connect with students in a way that motivates them to seek God and his purpose above all else."

Jeff Lewis

Author, National Missions Speaker

Dennis Rainey

Author and Executive Director of Family Life, Campus Crusade for Chris

Steve Hawthorne

Speaker, Editor of the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Reader

"...they help reengage everyone in the significance of becoming God's greatest accomplishment: a world entirely evangelized."

Dr. Bill Jones

President of Columbia International University

“For the last decade, The Traveling Team has served as a passionate voice for calling college students to make Christ famous among the nations. During that time, they have gained a reputation as a strategic force for mobilizing university students to reach the unreached with the message of God’s love and forgiveness.”

Dr. Ralph Winter

Author, Founder of U.S. Center for World Mission

"They are invading campuses with real impact. I know of no other approach that is that serious. This kind of activity was the very essence of the famous Student Volunteer Movement. Welcome Back!"


The Salt Company

"The impact that the Traveling Team has had on The Salt Company has been monumental. Our students have been challenged to join God in his global mission and they have really spurred us on in our ministry to international students. The fruit of their efforts is incredible as international students are being born again nearly every single week on our campus. We are grateful to the Traveling Team and how they dynamically present the Word of the God to the next generation."

Scott Martin

National Chi Alpha, Missions Director

The Traveling Team has been and continues to be the most effective communicator of God’s heart for the peoples of the world to the collegiate population. Their model of excellence in presentation, cooperation, and servant leadership has effectively served the vision of campus ministries across the United States in a significant manner. Only in heaven will we truly know the depth of global impact TTT has made for the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Steve Shadrach

Author and Speaker, Director of Mobilization for the U.S. Center of World Mission

Bill and Amy Stearns

Authors, Mobilizers, and Missions leaders

"The face-to-face connection plus consistent follow-up from The Traveling Team is a proven strategy to see hundreds of university students fast-tracked into missions."

Bob Sjogren

Author and Speaker, President of Unveiling Glory and "Cat and Dog Theology" seminars

Jen Lee

Cornerstone Church

"The Traveling Team has been instrumental in propelling our church forward as a “local church with a global vision.” The Traveling Team helped start and gain momentum for the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course, which has produced much fruit at Cornerstone."

David English

Campus Crusade for Christ

Donnie Scearce

International Mobilization Coordinator, Pioneers Missions Agency

Doug Nuenke

Director of Edge Corps, Navigators

Dr. H.D. McCarty

Pastor Emeritus of University Baptist Church Fayetteville, AR

Dr. Robert Cupp

Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church, Lowell, Arkansas

Dr. Robert Lewis

Author and Founder of "Men's Fraternity"

Dr. Rodney Wood

President of the Mission Foundation, Baton Rouge, LA

"I pray that through The Traveling Team, many will be called to a deep involvement in world missions, particularly the 10/40 window."

Barney Ford

Director Urbana 2000

"I am excited about what this Traveling Team is doing and think that their cutting edge idea will be strategic in getting students mobilized into global missions."

Dr. Waylon B. Moore

Author, Pastor and President of Missions Unlimited

Jeremy Story

Director, Campus Renewal Ministries

Lynn Loyd

BCM Director, University of Arkansas

Dick Nelson

Missions Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church NWA

I have witnessed the birth and growth of The Traveling Team and have gotten to know many of their staff. What I like is their fruit of informing and inspiring college students with the life and mission of Jesus Christ and His work globally. As a mission’s pastor at Fellowship Bible Church their work of mobilization helps us and any local church to move our people into the world Christian highway. Students are impacted and are making decisions to become workers in the harvest. We invest in these dynamic speaker teams who travel our country helping our college kids gain vision and passion for Jesus mission to the nations. And there is such a need for our college students for a clear, simple, and compelling vision to give their life to that is significant and eternal. All Kingdom workers benefit from this.

Mike Woodruff

Director of Ivy Jungle national network of collegiate ministries

Noble Bowman

Former Chi Alpha Director

Richard Beach

President of Doulos Ministries

Rob Harrell

Pastor of First Evangelical Free Church, Austin, TX

Warren Day

Candidate Director, African Inland Mission