Bringing Missions into Small Groups

Start Small.

Not everyone is a pastor of a church or going to speak in front of big crowds.  The good news is you can be a mobilizer not matter what influence you have and starting with a small group or a Bible Study is a great approach.  Below are over a dozen ways that we have seen God use great mobilizers in small group settings to cast vision for the unreached.

  1. Have a Bible study focused specifically on looking up passages that use the words nation, world, peoples or earth in them.
  2. Memorize key missions passages as a group.
  3. Pick a New Testament Epistle and read through it in one sitting and make observations about what it says regarding God's heart for the world.
  4. Find a short missions article and spend the first 15 minutes of Bible study reading and discussing it.
  5. Create a monthly prayer calendar that focuses on praying for various countries.
  6. Have someone in the small group research a country and spend the first 10 minutes of your time praying for it as a group.
  7. Meet internationals on campus and start a prayer list, praying for them by name.
  8. Hold one meeting focused solely on how to pray for the world and why it is important.
  9. Have your Bible study take personal interest in a specific country or people group and give financially to a missionary who is currently ministering to them.
  10. Develop accountability among group members that will keep them consistent in the growth of their world vision.
  11. Subscribe your entire small group to free missions magazines.
  12. As a group, skip a meal during the day to pray for the hungry in the world.
  13. Have your Bible study take an international student out on a Friday night, get to know them and show them around.