Do you find that praying for the world every day is a difficult goal to accomplish? Is it hard to keep your vision going with little or no encouragement from others? Do you forget to read articles in order to keep updated with missionaries and countries around the world? Are inconsistencies weighing you down? Well don’t fret.

Every other world Christian has, at some point, felt the same way. Something that might help you to develop consistency in prayer, vision, and staying updated is to find an accountability partner. All that means is that you have someone who will be faithful to ask you about how things are going and can help you reach the goals you set. It is always easier to do when you have someone along side of you. Maybe you can find time to pray and share together.

You may also want to pray and ask God to help you develop discipline in these areas; to be dedicated even when emotions and excitement are gone. Just remember that the frustration you are feeling is totally normal! Don’t give up.

Press on and God will bless your obedience. Read Phillipians 1:6 and trust the Lord to finish the work He has begun in you.

By Jessica A