Training Visioncasters for God’s Work


God’s work is simply the activities that work toward the fulfillment of the great commission such as Going, Sending, Praying, Reaching Internationals, and Mobilizing others. We call these the World Christian habits. It will take great numbers of people getting involved in strategic ways to reach the world and that is why challenging others to a World Christian vision is a bigger goal than just challenging them to go.


Training someone to mobilize others to God’s Work (the five World Christian habits) could be done through an endless number of creative ways. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Make sure your “Timothy” knows the 5 habits and can at least explain them back to you. Maybe ask them to come up with a biblical example of each. Have your “Timothy” brainstorm a list of ways to Pray, Welcome, Send, Go, Mobilize; so that they can use this to challenge others. Here is a great article to train someone on the World Christian lifestyle. Maybe your “Tim” could share this article in a small group or with another growing Christian.

Sound Byte

Sean came back from the IT Summer Project and began to reach out to internationals as well as disciple a few other growing Christians at his campus. Over the next two years he taught them about God’s heart for the world and involved them in the World Christian habits. Now that he has graduated, those students are still reaching out to internationals and a few have taken a year off to serve overseas. Those students he trained are now equipping other students to live as World Christians. Sean’s ministry continues because he multiplied the vision into others.