Training Visioncasters for God’s World


God’s heart is for the world, but mobilization of others involves also helping them catch a mental picture of the great need that still remains in reaching all the nations. Many assume that it has already been accomplished or is at least well-covered by other churches or people. Remember the impact that the state of the world may have had on you at some point and the power of information. Training someone to mobilize others will involve equipping them to not only understand, but to simply explain the task remaining in reaching all nations to others.


Sharing about God’s world will also be a necessary skill of the person you are training to mobilize. Here are two ideas that you could utilize in equipping them to share the task remaining in missions.

Have your key person share about the world religions, working through the T.H.U.M.B. (Tribal, Hindu, (U)Chinese, Buddhist, Muslim)  with you and explain the 10/40 Window. Give them feedback and ways to improve. Identity some key information to know and review those numbers with your key person. (# of Missionaries, % in the 10/40 Window, $ given to missions, remaining People Group #’s) See if they can create an opportunity to share God’s World with a small group or with another growing Christian.

Sound Byte

While speaking at a retreat, The Traveling Team speaker made an example that if every evangelical Christian gave $2.79 each year to pioneer missions, this would be enough to financially support the thousands of remaining missionaries needed to reach the world. It’s basically a Tall Starbucks, per believer, per year. One student took that simple idea and now uses a Starbuck cup to share with his Christian friends about the task remaining in the world and the need to get involved with giving. All he remembers from the retreat is $2.79 – but he now mobilizes others as a result.