We have an incredible privilege to be alive in the middle of God's story of reaching the world.  What part will we play? What steps am I willing to take to make a lifelong impact?  This four-part guide was designed to take you as far as you want to go in your personal vision and give you tools to rally others.  Your global impact can start today.     

Part 1

Four Foundations

No matter where you are starting from this section will build a good foundation for your global vision around four core values: the Bible, the need, living it out and passing it on.  

The Harvest is Plentiful, the Laborers are Few
Every Christian should live life with an open Bible and an open map.

The Bible As a Missions Story
God is authoring one story with the aim of reaching all the nations, and one method to reach them - all believers.

Every Christian a World Christian
Take steps to connect the dots between your life and the mission of God.

Every World Christian a Mobilizer
Everyone can multiply their life and mobilize others for reaching the world.


Practical Steps of Growth

Catching the vision is one thing, living it out is another.  Find helpful advice and resources to get a global lifestyle integrated into your walk with God in four areas: Praying, Giving, Reaching Internationals and Going.


Practical Steps to Grow in Praying for the World
Learn how to ignite your prayer life for the unreached world.

Practical Steps to Grow in Giving to Missions
Take steps to grow as a sender by giving to strategic mission work.

Practical Steps to Reaching International Students
Get started building friendships with international students at your campus..

Practical Steps to Take Toward Going
Find out what is involved in being a cross-cultural goer and how can you get started.

Part 3

Mobilizing OtherS to Mission

The only person more valuable that the one doing the work is the person who multiplies the workers.  

The old adage states, “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day…Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” The World Christian’s job isn’t to make others feel bad about not reaching the world. It’s not to make others pray once for the world or memorize one missions verse. The World Christian’s job as a mobilizer is to help others gain a conviction for a lifetime of global action and involvement. It is to help others pull their fishing pole out of the puddle, and put it into the ocean behind them. We can walk you through how The Traveling Team mobilizes others through four simple and transferrable concepts.

Giving A Biblical Foundation for Mission
Learn how to share the missions story of the entire Bible.

Explaining the Task Remaining in Missions
Learn how to cast vision for the global harvest and explain the need for more laborers.

Living a World Christian Life Together
Help others grow in praying for the world, giving and going.

Mobilize Others With a Single Sheet of Paper
Learn how to put a missions-conference-worth of material into a few simple illustrations for others.

Part 4

Multiplying Mobilizers

Hold on to your brain, but what if you could multiply the multipliers?  Whether you go or stay, discipling others in how to raise up globally minded Christians is at the heart of Jesus.  It's making disciples of all nations who have a vision for all nations. The former section was all about mobilizing others. This fourth and final section is called “Multiply” because we now want to show you how to reproduce what you have learned in others. You multiply yourself as a mobilizer by equipping another individual to mobilize. 

Training Visioncasters for God’s Mission
Gain the tools and vision to multiply your life.

Training Visioncasters for God’s Word
Train someone to share what the bible has to say about reaching all nations with others.

Training Visioncasters for God’s Work
Train others to develop world Christians around them through a few simple steps.

Training Visioncasters for God’s World
Help train others to explain the unreached world today.

Training Visioncasters to Duplicate Themselves
Multiply yourself as a mobilizer by teaching this simple tool to others.