In 2006, we launched “The Traveling Team International” which seeks to take the resources that we have both collected and created over the past decade to places outside the United States. Partnering with campus ministries primarily in Europe, Africa and Asia, The Traveling Team International has been able to cast vision in areas where missions interest is only budding as well as train college students in areas where missions involvement is more established. As the population of Christians continues to follow a trend where non- Western world far outweighs the West in numbers, we are excited to serve the Body of Christ in countries including those of the Global South where potential for impacting unreached nations is incredible.

For The Traveling Team International, seeing the world is as easy as ABC. In the context of mobilization, A stands for Advanced. B stands for Basic and C stands for Closed. What this means is that the advanced countries are mature in their capabilities to send native missionaries to the nations. South Korea, Nigeria and England are good examples. Basic countries are those that are beginning to come into their own with mission’s facilitation (i.e. Phillipines). Closed countries are those that are not at a missionary sending level of Christian development; potentially they are not even in a missionary receiving level of development.  Saudi Arabia and Libya are examples of closed countries.

Over the last two years TTTi has been able to mobilize students in several countries (focused in the A and B categories) by speaking on campuses and churches on site. These countries have included Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Phillipines, New Zealand, Netherlands and some churches in the Middle East. We are excited to see what the Lord does as He continues to raise up the whole Church to take the whole gospel to the whole world.


Thanks heaps for coming to Lincoln. It was great to host you at home and on campus. You’ve given me lots of follow-up conversations, which is excellent. Your time was at just the right level for Lincoln-ites. Never have I seen students listen to a visitor, leave seats to get pad and pen and then start to take notes. That’s cool – and I’ll be following that up. I’m impressed that you wove in references to cricket, O.E., Dunedin – adapting a presentation what you know real well for the local context which is great. Thanks for those resources. Cheers.
Tim Hodge, Lincoln University – New Zealand
Just wanted to thank you both for initiating and facilitating this trip, it has been a joy listening to you talk. They are true professionals who have no complaints when it comes to the long travels and the packed schedule. They were good at picking up cultural information which they slipped into their talks, this was really helpful. I think their ministry is amazing and something that can be translatable to the Philippine context with minimum tweaking. Warm blessings!
Jojie – Philippines


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