There are estimated 6,909 Languages worldwide.

Three Largest languages:  

Mandarin Chinese 12.44%, Spanish 4.85%, English 4.83%, (first language speakers)


4,400 languages are without Scripture portions available, with some 634,000,000 speakers. Translation projects are in progress in an estimated 1,600 languages that currently are without adequate Scriptures. There are about 2,500 languages needing Bible translation work to begin. (

Of the world's approximately 6,900 languages, 4,765 have at least one of the following: Bible portions, the Jesus Film, Christian radio, or Gospel recordings. Total speakers of these languages is 6.2 billion which represents over 95% of the world's population. 2,135 languages have none of these resources available, with about 195,000,000 speakers.

Language Source: 

Operation World