Lucia Kim

I am very thankful for The Traveling Team.  Not only have they equipped our students in understanding the biblical call to reach "all nations" but also got them excited to partake in God's calling over their lives as missionaries. After The Traveling Team's visit to our campuses, many of our students committed to go on missions this summer.  I am so excited to have been invited in partnership with this ministry and I hope to see exponential growth in the hearts of the college students in committing to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Lucia Kim, Soon Movement (Korea Cru) - Rutgers NJ

Mark Johnson


Whenever The Traveling Team comes through our region, hosting them is an absolute must for us. No one does a better job in declaring and demonstrating the biblical basis for missions. Through their teaching, the Lord has opened the hearts of many of our students to listen to the call of global missions.

Mark Johnson, Campus Director, Cru at Indiana University

Chris Comstock

The Traveling Team has provided a burst of missional vision for our ministry over the years and is consistently a highlight for our students who are seeking to obey and implement the Great Commission in their lives. They do a great job of demonstrating how God's heart for the nations did not simply begin with Jesus' ministry but existed from the beginning of God's story and that Jesus makes it possible  to join God in his mission to redeem the world. I would recommend the Traveling Team to any of my colleagues in ministry, you will be blessed and encouraged. 

Chris Comstock, Campus Director, Cru Santa Barbara

Joshua Chaffin

Having The Traveling Team Visit every two years is a highlight of mine. Through their presentation I've seen many students have their minds enlightened and hearts opened to see that there is a world full of people that God loves.  Many have accepted the invitation to partner with God to reach all peoples, both on campus and around the world.

Joshua Chaffin, His House, Central Michigan


Scott Berkey

"We have been bringing in the Traveling Team since they first started, and as long as they are available, we will continue to invite them back!  They powerfully present God's heart for the world from scripture and communicate it with clear, personal conviction. Their presentation has been a turning point for many of our students over the years."

Scott Berkey, Cru University of Illinois

Cavin Miller

When I first heard The Traveling Team as a student at CSU Long Beach, it forever changed the way I viewed the world. My eyes were opened to God's heart for the nations as displayed in scripture, and the biblical command to go! The students involved in our ministries need to hear this message. God is using The Traveling Team mightily, and I will continue to invite them back as often as they will come.

Cavin Miller, Campus Director - Navigators at UC Davis

Ben Clasquin


I am very thankful for the Traveling Team!  They helped champion world missions by laying the biblical foundation by going through Genesis to Revelation.  It was very helpful to have a voice outside of my own championing the great commission and missions.  The large group meeting and breakout sessions were energetic and informative and my students loved it!

Ben Clasquin, UNC Navs

Sean Vollendorf

I know of no greater vehicle God is using in America today to stir the hearts of young leaders for the Great Commission.  As I travel abroad and speak with missionaries, I always ask them, "How did God get a hold of you for the purpose of reaching other countries for Christ?"  If I only had a dollar for every time someone said, "Have you ever heard of The Traveling Team?"  


Don Allen

Don Allen Navs.jpg

We have had The Traveling Team with our ministry with The Navigators at Cal-State Long Beach.  I found them to be biblical, inspirational, and relational.  I heartily endorse them if you desire a clear biblical presentation highlighting our mandate to go to the nations!

Don Allen, The Navigators at Cal-State Long Beach and in the Sunland Region.


Jon Channell

"We make it a priority to get The Traveling Team on our ministry schedule whenever possible. The focused attention on God's heart for the nations throughout the Bible & the great follow-up work with interested students always helps us to grow missions momentum."


Mike Buchanan

INSPIRING and ENGAGING... The Traveling Team is not a self-promoting ministry, as they share the need to reach all the nations for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  They promote the need for missions and various mission organizations to reach our world with the gospel; showing any person how they can use their giftedness to serve on a mission.  They are "eye-openers" for people to respond to the Great Commission, which is the duty of all believers.

Rev. Mike Buchanan, Athletes in Action, Campus Director at UCLA

Jonathan Kennerson

"The Traveling Team beautifully serves campus ministries by casting our mission to reach the campus in the larger context of God's heart to reach the whole world. And not only that, they put the larger context of reaching the nations into the even larger meta-narrative of God's purposes throughout human history, namely blessing us to be a blessing to all creation. They are able to tie the campus to the world to God's purposes throughout history and launch into tangible next steps like no other missions presentation I've seen before."

Jonathan Kennerson, InterVarsity, University of Maine 


The Traveling Team was comprehensive in explaining God's heart for missions as found throughout the Bible while being incredibly engaging. Their after-meeting meeting was hands-on and visual. Every time they come, they get our students thinking and asking how God wants to use them in world missions!

Emily, Cru University of New Hampshire. 

Jon Saunders

We all know that college students are the key to reaching the unreached peoples of the world. The question is if we will be faithful in mobilizing them to actually go. The Traveling Team is deeply committed to not hypothetically having students go, but to actually seeing them launched into a life of missionary service. I commend them to all who are committed to this same vision.

Jon Saunders, spartan christian fellowship
at michigan state university

Tim Casteel

The Traveling Team is an invaluable gift to the body of Christ and college ministry. They have great speakers who Biblically lift students' eyes to God's heart for the world. We have them speak most every year on our campus. They are very easy to work with and do a great job at being sure to promo your Partnership country as they cast vision for the needs of the world.

Tim Casteel, Cru Director at the University of Arkansas