Because our students are busier today than they have ever been, many of them have a worldview that only extends to the edge of their campuses. The Traveling Team did an incredible job of showing our students God’s heart for the nations throughout the entire Word of God. Because of this, several students began praying, working and going to their campus, throughout their nation, and to the ends of the earth with passion to see the lost saved for the Glory of God!

Michael, Pastor to Students, Lakeview Baptist Church, Auburn, AL

Jeff Norris

The Traveling Team does an incredible job of presenting God's heart for the world by walking through the storyline of the Bible in a compelling, accurate, and understandable way. We have hosted them several times and have walked away each time deeply challenged and encouraged to heed God's call to go and make disciples of all nations!

Jeff Norris, Cru Director at the University of Alabama

Matt Francisco


By clearly articulating God's unstoppable plan to bring His good news to the nations throughout all of Scripture and our personal role in the Great Commission, God has used The Traveling Team to help fuel a missions movement among our students. More of our graduates are praying, sending, and going to the field thanks to their work amongst our students!

Matt Francisco, Campus Outreach, Samford U


Anthony Casey

The Traveling Team was instrumental in my calling to missions while in college, first as a missionary myself, and now as a missions professor and mobilizer. I continue to regularly benefit from their tremendous resources.

Anthony Casey, Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies, Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, AL