Jon Channell

"We make it a priority to get The Traveling Team on our ministry schedule whenever possible. The focused attention on God's heart for the nations throughout the Bible & the great follow-up work with interested students always helps us to grow missions momentum."


Joe Hoyt

"The Traveling Team was a big blessing to our ministry, since we value growing our students in world vision. The fact that they specialize in this, while asking for ways they can further affirm what your ministry is already doing is incredible. If you have access to The Traveling Team, I would highly encourage you take advantage of the opportunity!"

Joe Hoyt, Campus Director, Campus Outreach at Georgia College

Sky Pratt


The Traveling Team challenged our students to see God’s heart for the nations revealed throughout Scripture. Many of them came away from the evening considering next steps to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. It was a highly effective meeting.

Sky Pratt, Prince Avenue Baptist Church in Athens, GA

Ken Jones

The Traveling Team is freeing up college students to be obedient to Jesus! Inspired by the lives of the committed team members, taught to know the heart of God through His Word, awed by His work through collegians in the past, and challenged to be the ones to live out His story now, my students are being mobilized to touch the world for their good and the glory of Jesus. The Traveling Team is a partner with North Georgia Baptist Collegiate Ministry to disciple students and bring joy to the world!

Ken Jones, Campus Minister, North Georgia Baptist Collegiate Ministry

Austin Shadoan


"We love having The Traveling Team come at least once every two years because it ignites a fire in our students hearts for the world. The way they unpack the Scriptures shows God's heart for His glory to made known among the nations in a powerful way. Even though our weekly meetings are evangelistic in nature, we still ask the team to come because we believe that they faithfully present the gospel in the presentation and show non-believers the cosmic purpose that we have as believers! If you have a chance for The Traveling Team to come to your ministry I urge you to take advantage of it!"rite here."

Austin Shadoan, Campus Outreach, Georgia Southern University