Mark Johnson


Whenever The Traveling Team comes through our region, hosting them is an absolute must for us. No one does a better job in declaring and demonstrating the biblical basis for missions. Through their teaching, the Lord has opened the hearts of many of our students to listen to the call of global missions.

Mark Johnson, Campus Director, Cru at Indiana University

Andrew McCarty


"I took a complete shot in the dark by accepting The Traveling Team's offer of presenting at one of our Thursday night InterVarsity gatherings and over a year later it remains one of the most memorable gatherings InterVarsity hosted that year. TTT came incredibly well prepared and polished with a powerful message of becoming a "world Christian" as a sender or a goer in an effort to bring Jesus to the world. TTT brought tremendous professionalism and a fresh voice to reinforce what they have frequently heard from me."

Andrew McCarty, Indiana State University, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Ethan Wiekamp

I love The Traveling Team.  Having requested their partnership at dozens of campuses for more than a decade, I can unequivocally say that they are some of the most kind, generous, Kingdom-minded folks that I've ever met in ministry...and they don't mind living out of a van!  I absolutely love their mission and their presentations are excellent.  I've heard the "students in missions" presentation many times and every time I hear it I tear up and find my heart thanking God that I get to be part of his mission to mobilize college students to reach the nations.  Every campus minister should hear that talk, if for no other reason, to renew their vision for reaching college students.