Joshua Chaffin

Having The Traveling Team Visit every two years is a highlight of mine. Through their presentation I've seen many students have their minds enlightened and hearts opened to see that there is a world full of people that God loves.  Many have accepted the invitation to partner with God to reach all peoples, both on campus and around the world.

Joshua Chaffin, His House, Central Michigan


Jon Saunders

We all know that college students are the key to reaching the unreached peoples of the world. The question is if we will be faithful in mobilizing them to actually go. The Traveling Team is deeply committed to not hypothetically having students go, but to actually seeing them launched into a life of missionary service. I commend them to all who are committed to this same vision.

Jon Saunders, spartan christian fellowship
at michigan state U

Troy Andreasen


The Traveling Team does a great job raising awareness of God's heart for the world, and motivating students to apply that - whether on far away missions or building connections with international students at our own campus! Several of our students have participated in their summer program for further missions exposure and training.

Troy Andreasen, His House, Saginaw Valley State U

Scott Austin

We've had The Traveling Team speak at our ministry twice now, and I eagerly look forward to the next time they are available to come back. The presentation is excellent, the message is straight from scripture, and for our students, it's unforgettable. I love seeing our students motivated and empowered to share the gospel world-wide.

Scott Austin, His House Christian Fellowship at MTU



Ethan Wiekamp

I love The Traveling Team.  Having requested their partnership at dozens of campuses for more than a decade, I can unequivocally say that they are some of the most kind, generous, Kingdom-minded folks that I've ever met in ministry...and they don't mind living out of a van!  I absolutely love their mission and their presentations are excellent.  I've heard the "students in missions" presentation many times and every time I hear it I tear up and find my heart thanking God that I get to be part of his mission to mobilize college students to reach the nations.  Every campus minister should hear that talk, if for no other reason, to renew their vision for reaching college students.