Andrew N. Knight

Anytime I hear of The Traveling Team coming through our area I do all I can to get them in front of our Campus Outreach students. They are relevant, missional, careful, nuanced, and inspiring in all tbe right ways. They are there to serve and put together a talk or weekend retreat right-fitted to the audience and preferences of the ministry they are serving. They offer excellent follow up materials and meetings with your students and seek to influence they in ways that correspond to a students desires and maturity and the specific opportunities that particular ministry is challening its disciples towards. Sign them up. You won't be sorry.

Andrew N. Knight, North Area Director, CO Minneapolis

Reid Jilek


"Every time The Traveling Team is around Minneapolis we book them. They are relevant, biblical, and winsome as they share God's heart for the world. They also provide practical next steps for students to grow in understanding their place in God’s mission. The beautiful thing is that the Traveling Team comes into what you are already doing and tailor what they do to your setting. They have done a missions night for us, spoke at a weekly meeting, and even had dinner with our team before the presentation. The Traveling Team staff has either been overseas or are about to go overseas, and spend a year mobilizing students outside of that. I am so thankful for The Traveling Team and how they keep missions and the world in front of our students."

Reid Jilek, Campus Outreach Area Director, MN

Jake Mlsna


"There is something powerful about our students hearing about God's heart for the world from someone other than our staff. The Traveling Team does such a good job using Scripture to paint the picture of God's heart for the world and the part we as believers are able to play in the story.  Anytime they are in the area we say yes to having them come because it is such an important message and they communicate it with passion and clarity."

Jake Mlsna, Southern Minnesota Cru

Luke Olson


The Traveling Team provides a high quality presentation that jolts students into an awareness of God's global mission. I love watching students wrestle with where they fit into that mission, and I appreciate The Traveling Team's partnership in the gospel as we serve University students together! I strongly commend their work to anyone who works with students and wants to see them grow into globally aware, missionally engaged adults!

Luke Olson, Intervaristy, U Minnesota - Duluth


Daniel Olsen

"Don't underestimate how strategic an outside voice can be. The Traveling Team is professional, polished, and they're great to work with. They bring a powerful and practical message of God's heart for the world that, if you leverage it, will change the trajectory of your student's lives."