Ethan Wiekamp

I love The Traveling Team.  Having requested their partnership at dozens of campuses for more than a decade, I can unequivocally say that they are some of the most kind, generous, Kingdom-minded folks that I've ever met in ministry...and they don't mind living out of a van!  I absolutely love their mission and their presentations are excellent.  I've heard the "students in missions" presentation many times and every time I hear it I tear up and find my heart thanking God that I get to be part of his mission to mobilize college students to reach the nations.  Every campus minister should hear that talk, if for no other reason, to renew their vision for reaching college students.


Brandon Van Marel


As followers of Jesus, we are commissioned to go and make disciples of all nations.  The Traveling Team is a group of energetic and passionate people who strive to challenge and encourage students to join God’s mission of making disciples of all nations.  They do a great job of walking through the scriptures from start to finish, showing God’s mission of bringing the hope of the gospel to all people.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and moving.   It did a great job of challenging our students to be obedient to God’s call upon their lives to sharing the love of Christ around the world.

Brandon Van Marel,  Midland University Chapel

Mike Brown

“There’s not many groups that in one evening, can pull off engaging, encouraging and equipping college students to the level of mobilization that The Traveling Team does. I’m blown away! And asking myself, how have we not done this in years past! The response and commitment from our students is overwhelming. It is unbelievable that God can use a passionate group of faithful laborers, in an hour or so of time, and re-envision and transform hearts to the vision and mission of God to reach the World.”