Cavin Miller

When I first heard The Traveling Team as a student at CSU Long Beach, it forever changed the way I viewed the world. My eyes were opened to God's heart for the nations as displayed in scripture, and the biblical command to go! The students involved in our ministries need to hear this message. God is using The Traveling Team mightily, and I will continue to invite them back as often as they will come.

Cavin Miller, Campus Director - Navigators at UC Davis

Ben Clasquin


I am very thankful for the Traveling Team!  They helped champion world missions by laying the biblical foundation by going through Genesis to Revelation.  It was very helpful to have a voice outside of my own championing the great commission and missions.  The large group meeting and breakout sessions were energetic and informative and my students loved it!

Ben Clasquin, UNC Navs

Don Allen

Don Allen Navs.jpg

We have had The Traveling Team with our ministry with The Navigators at Cal-State Long Beach.  I found them to be biblical, inspirational, and relational.  I heartily endorse them if you desire a clear biblical presentation highlighting our mandate to go to the nations!

Don Allen, The Navigators at Cal-State Long Beach and in the Sunland Region.


Jon Channell

"We make it a priority to get The Traveling Team on our ministry schedule whenever possible. The focused attention on God's heart for the nations throughout the Bible & the great follow-up work with interested students always helps us to grow missions momentum."


Nick Peterson


Seven years ago I was exposed to and seriously impacted by The Traveling Team's vision for missions mobilization. It's engaging, powerful, winsome, thoroughly grounded in the Scriptures, and centered on our great God and His glory among the nations. I love every time they come to share with the students I lead and minister to.

Nick Peterson, The Navigators at South Dakota State University