December - Welcoming Internationals

December 2003

Hey! Well, the semester is winding down and all kinds of thoughts of finals, family, Christmas break and your own bed are no doubt clouding your mind! And it is in the midst of this, the busiest of all seasons, that we at The Traveling Team want to throw another log on the fire! That's right we want to ask you to consider living "on the brink" this holiday season by thinking of the many international students on your campus that most likely have no where to go for Christmas. We know that the precious little time you actually get to spend at home is coveted and well protected, but just listen for a moment to the opportunity that is before you to have a huge impact not only on individual lives, but on whole cultures! I think you will catch the vision.

Over 650,000 internationals are currently studying in the U.S. The catch is that 60% of these internationals are from the most unreached part of the world - the 10/40 window! And many of them will be returning home after graduation with opportunities awaiting them to be major influencers, CEOs, even Prime Ministers and Presidents! Not only have these students probably never experienced Christmas, 70% of them will never even be invited to an American home! What a great opportunity for witness lies at our finger tips - to show the love and hospitality of Christ and the Christian church while sharing the Christmas message, the birth of the only true Savior!

Consider living on the brink this break by inviting an international or two to share it with you. You will be changed, your family will be changed, your international friend will be changed, and their unreached culture may someday be changed!!