April - Prayer

April 2004

Life is war. Prayer is our weapon. In Let The Nations Be Glad, John Piper says "Until you know that life is war, you cannot know what prayer is for. Prayer is for the accomplishment of a wartime mission…God has given us prayer because Jesus has given us a mission."

Why do we often stop short on prayer? We pray for those in our inner-circle of life. We pray for ourselves. How often do we live beyond ourselves? How often are we willing to pour ourselves out for those we do not even know but are living in darkness? Prayer is not for us. It is for the Glory of the Father!!!

World prayer…there, I said it. "But how can I pray for people I do not even know anything about," you ask? At first it will be uncomfortable, a little strange. But oh, the sweetness that comes from interceding by faith for those whom God wants to draw to Himself.

Make world prayer a daily habit. Start by making an attainable goal. There is not one right way to pray for the world. Find what fits you best. Do you want to pray for a country or a people group? Do you want to commit to praying for them daily for two weeks or even a month? When you see or read news about other countries, stop and pray for the people of that country. Remember, it takes doing something for 30 days before it becomes a habit!

Here are some ideas of what to pray for, but the list is much longer than these:
*Laborers to be sent out into the harvest
*The local believers
*Churches to be planted
*Bible translation (there are still over 4,000 languages that have not been translated)
*International students from that country studying in the United States.
*Pray for how God wants you to be involved

Live on the brink. Pour yourself out through praying for the world until you are so empty that only the strength of Jesus can refuel you. Ask the Lord to give you a burden for the nations.

The war will be won by God. Join Him in fighting it!

Listed below are a few of the resources available to get you started:


*Operation World by Patrick Johnstone - A small prayer encyclopedia for anyone desiring to pray for the nations in a specific, educated way.

*Touch the World through Prayer by Wesley Duewel - A book explaining how every Christian can pray for the missionaries, church leaders and political leaders in countries around the globe wherethe gospel is being preached today.

*Praying Through the Window: The Unreached Peoples by Patrick Johnstone, John Hanna, & Marti Smith.


*Mission Frontiers - Published by the U.S. Center for World Mission. Free publication for students. To order call 626-797-1111. Email mission.frontiers@uscwm.org
*World Christian - Published by Winpress. Distributed quarterly. One year $14.95. To order call 1-888-524-5070. Email WINpress7@aol.com

*Voice of the Martyrs - Read about the ongoing persecution of Christians around the world. Free publication. Visit www.persecution.com.

Specific Prayer Resources:

*Global Prayer Digest - Each day it gives a glimpse of what God is doing around the world, and what still remains to be done. Call (626) 398-2249. $12 for 12 issues.

*Unreached People Group Profiles - www.ksafe.com/profiles/profile1.html

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*Caleb Project Prayer Cards - Small travel-size cards to travel for the world wherever you go. www.calebproject.org

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By: Alicia Addison