May - Sending

May 2004

On The Brink

May, 2004

Have you ever thought about how lonely it could be to live in a foreign country where your neighbors don't speak your language and they don't have your favorite food or snack? Keeping missionaries on the field is an important aspect of sending them there. Do you know what missionaries your church or campus ministry supports? Do you know where they are in the world and what their needs are? Sending someone to the field involves a lot more than just getting them there financially. It also involves keeping them there.

So what exactly could your role be in keeping someone on the field? You could start by contacting your missions pastor and getting a list of who the missionaries are your church supports and their contact information. Pick one of them to be your pen pal. Organize Christmas (or other holiday) care packages filled with their favorite snacks or other things that they can't get in the country they are living in. Send them birthday cards. Mail them the latest worship cd. Initiate prayer for them in your small group bible study or Sunday school class. Do whatever it takes to stay in touch with them and let them know that the people back home haven't forgotten about them.

Contact your missions pastor today!

Key Resources to help you get started:

Serving as Senders, Six Ways to Care for Your Missionaries, Neal Pirolo, Emmaus Road International, 1991

Missionary Care: Counting the Cost for World Evangelization, Kelly O'Donnell, ed., William Carey Library, 1992