October - 12 Lessons

October 2004

As The Traveling Teams journeys from campus to campus and shares "God's Heart for the World" we want to cast vision in our large group meetings and begin equipping students one-to-one on how to pass on God's Heart!

The obvious next step for students when we leave each campus is for students to visit our website and begin completing (online or by printing off) The 12 Lessons on Becoming a World Christian.


Each lesson is 1-2 pages with 3-4 questions. If completed online The Traveling Team will respond back to your answers through email with encouragement and suggestions for application of each lesson. The 12 Lessons are progressive and become a great tool for you to use with other students one-to-one or in small group bible studies.

"I found my way to the computer lab and was searching the Traveling Team Website. I found my self on the "12 Lessons on Becoming a World Christian". I completed the first five lessons right away."

"Tonight will be my first time leading a bible study group for women based on the topic "Becoming a World Christian". We're going to start off w/ the 12 lessons on your web site. By the way, this is a great site w/ tons of info. Hope you are encouraged by the work that the Lord is doing down here."


If you complete all 12 Lessons online you will receive a free copy of a book.

We look forward to getting acquainted with you through the 12 Lessons.