January - IT Project

January 2005

If you are interested in a life-changing, future-altering, eye-opening summer, come join The Traveling Team in Los Angeles, CA. At the I.T. Project you will be changed, equipped and trained to go overseas and back to your church or campus and pass on the vision, passion and information that can change the lives of others. Below are two testimonies from participants in last years I.T. Project. Visit www.thetravelingteam.org to learn more about the project or call 888-467-8866.

When I came to the IT Project, I was introduced to God's global purpose for the first time. My eyes were opened to the truth of God's word and my heart was broken for the lost like never before. It didn't stop there; I was introduced to a variety of religions and cultures. I also had the opportunity of hearing amazing testimonies that only fueled my heart for the nations. It is impossible to go away unchanged. I left the IT Project with world vision. God revealed His heart to me and I realize now that it is my responsibility to follow Him in obedience. Erick (University of Southern Georgia)

The IT Project gave me the grand vision of what God has been doing to redeem mankind since the beginning of time and what part I could play in that grand vision. It also provided me the perfect atmosphere to experience firsthand what breaks God's heart as we visited world religion temples and witnessed God's glory being stolen for idol worship. The IT Project really gave me a gut check about whose vision I'm living out: mine or God's. God has always been about His vision and this project will challenge you to ask yourself if you're about God's vision or yours. Sean (University of Arkansas)