September - Mobilize

September 2005

Practical ways to mobilize your friends

The need for World Christians is great. The need for Campus Mobilizers is even greater! We live in a time in history when the Church can make a tremendous impact on the world, if only we would! The American Church specifically has such potential to bring Christ to the unreached world, but much of this potential will be wasted if not directed in the ways of global involvement. We must not only get involved ourselves, but also challenge our friends to join us! Only as our entire generation of Christians move towards living global lives will we see the goal of Matt. 28:19 reached. There are hundreds of ways to grow as a World Christian and just as many ways to mobilize your friends. The Traveling Team's website has tons of resources, but if you don't know how to implement them, it's useless to you. There are plenty of ways to begin sharing what you are learning about God's purposes in the world, it's just a matter of being creative. Here's a few to get you started¦

1. With a few friends, send a care package to a missionary you know. Be creative, but practical. Write a thoughtful note to go along with it, (being careful not to mention "missions," "Jesus," etc. if they are in a restricted-access country). Make it fairly light-weight so the postage won't be too expensive.

2. Print off the article from this link ( and get together a group of friends to intercede for the world for an hour or two.

3. Give monthly to support a missionary (above your normal tithe to the local church you attend). Get your large group or small group involved by letting everyone pitch in each month. If you don't know a missionary, use this link to find out groups that have missionaries for you to give towards:

4. Make your homepage and pray through the world news for 2 minutes on your way to checking your email or favorite website. At lunch, tell your friends what you've learned is going on in the world.

5. Print off the Bible study from this link ( and go through it one week with your Bible study group. Even if you don't lead the study, ask the leader if you can for that week. (If you aren't involved in a small group study, that's another issue - get into one! You needthe accountability and fellowship!)

6. Learn about the least reached people in the world using these links: and Share the info that most interested you with a friend!

7. Get to know a few international students and then invite some of your American friends to hang out all together. This link has some helpful info on how to befriend internationals and share Christ with them.

8. Start a world prayer group that meets weekly at 10:40 pm and prays for a different country/people group in the 10/40 Window. a. Use for prayer points. b. Use Lesson #4 on TTT website to explain the 10/40 Window for the first prayer meeting (

9. Make a collage using pictures from around the world and Bible verses that explain the theme of missions, and display it at your campus ministry house, church, or weekly large group meeting room. You can also add inspiring quotes from this link (

10. Using this link (, go to "The Voice of the Martyrs" site and learn about the persecuted church. You can subscribe to their monthly magazine and share it with your Bible study group.

11. For lots more ideas on ways to get your friends involved as World Christians, or for your small group study, look at this link: (

12. Another helpful link is below, which gives you links to other groups who are all about mobilizing people towards living as World Christians! (


We'd love to hear some other ideas that you've had! Email me at and let me know what's worked for you as you are growing as a World Christian and Campus Mobilizer.

By: Rebecca Hickman