We feel as though the Lord has given us a clear vision of what He wants us to do on the campuses today. As we go into different ministries large group meetings and give our power point presentation on God's heart for the world we want to challenge students to become World Christians. After the large group meeting we set up one to ones with interested students. It is in the one to ones that we will show the students how to practically become World Christians. This involves laying out a diagram that explains what a World Christian is and then letting them share with us where they are in their growth. We will also be presenting them with books, magazines and information they can work through as well as linking them up with their ministry groups' opportunities overseas.

It is our desire that the students would also take the next step and become a Campus Mobilizer. A Campus Mobilizer is someone who is not just interested in learning about God's heart for the world, but they have turned the corner and are capable of helping others learn also. The Campus Mobilizer is able to help a Christian grow in their heart for the world and is equipped to train up other students in their role in the Great Commission. Our goal is not just to give a talk in the large group meeting, but also to leave behind students who can make an impact.

"Igniting vision and passion for the world and raising up World Christians/Campus Mobilizers on every campus"

This is what we have designed our ministry and our web site for and this is the vision God has given us.