Student Testimonies

When the Traveling Team visited I had subconsciously decided that world missions were for some people, but not me. The presentation by the Traveling Team was the start of my exploration of what it means to have a heart for the world. I bought Operation World that night, and went home deep thought. "What could this mean for me?" In the years since, God has shown me more of how He loves the nations, and how He wants me to participate in the global church. What a marvelous journey this has been!

The Traveling Team visited my college a few months ago and it completely changed my plans for after I graduate from college. I am in the process of applying to go on a 1-3 year mission trip to Japan with OMF.

Keep spreading vision. My whole life has been changed and is now lived for God's glory among the nations; it started with hearing a presentation of the Biblical Basis for Mission. Keep getting this story to the ears of college students, like me, who want to live for something greater.

After meeting with the Traveling Team, I learned more about the people in the 10/40 window. I wasn't able to actually go to that part of the world, but God opened a door for me to go to England last summer and meet Chinese students in an open environment.

God used The Traveling Team to open my eyes to His great purpose of reaching the nations with salvation for God's glory and praise. If I hadn't gone to the IT Summer Project, I fear I would strive to live an ordinary life. Instead, I have revieved God's invatition to work with Him for His glory among the nations. What an honor-what a privlidge-what an amazing God we serve.

I've been doing the 12 lessons since mid last semester and I've enjoyed the support and feedback that I've recieved in those lessons. Some of the comments and suggested websites have really challenged me to grow and think more about the world's lost. I've only just met a few members of the traveling team a few days ago and found them to be wonderful, dynamic World Christians who are willng to help people like me find our role in God's great plan. I am impressed by their care and hope that with their help I will find the right direction and a way to get there.

Before meeting The Traveling Team, I was a believer without a clear purpose for my life. That changed when TTT came to my campus and shared The Tool with me. After seeing God's global purpose so clearly from Scripture, my purpose in this world finally came together. I began growing as a World Christian, then went to the IT Project in Pasadena. This absolutely changed the direction of my life. I've been given an undying passion and purpose for my life by fully understanding what God is doing in this world. Now at ISU, my friends and have begun nation prayer groups a new ministry to share God's heart for the nations with our in church and mobilize them to a radical obedience to Christ's global purpose.