This summer June 4th through July 23rd, 2015.


    The cost is $3,100. But discounts are available for students who apply and are guaranteed early (accepted and have their deposit paid):

     $2,700 if guaranteed by Dec 1st, 2014

     $2,900 if guaranteed by March 1st, 2015.

     This includes your housing, food, training materials and most of your other expenses. We will help you learn how to raise financial support. A deposit of $200 is due to secure your spot.

     The Intensive Training Project is designed for you to spend 7-weeks diving into God's heart for the world and walking through challenging missions material that is guaranteed to rock your perspective.

     You'll be learning about missions, mobilization and methodology. Evenings will focus on practical hands-on application, training, and study time. Project weekends will be spent getting up close and personal with some of the world's major religions.
     You will meet other students from all over the country who share in your vision and passion for the world. Be prepared to rub shoulders with the nation's leading missiologists as well.
     Now is your chance to engage in a summer of fast-paced, in-your-face MISSIONS…it could be the summer that changes your life!

     Many college students are not sure where they fit when it comes to missions. The IT Summer Project is invaluable because of the broad range of exposure it offers. IT will give you a glimpse of all the major world religions as you hear from those who have many years of experience ministering to them and as you tour the temples for yourself.  

The purpose for this type of training is to allow the Lord to prompt and guide you into His plan for you through these experiences so that you have a more clear direction of where you are best suited in the Great Commission and to equip you to bring the vision and the ability to train others back to your campus.  After returning from IT you will not only be able to cast vision for the Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Chinese and Tribal world, but also to effectively minister to anyone from one of these major religions.  We'll equip you to take global-vision back to your campus and community so you can give other students the tools they need to understand their part in the Great Commission. Also you will be able to meet and network with those who are on the front lines of mission work all over the world.


     Los Angeles with it's diverse population, serves as the perfect backdrop for IT Project with it’s 173+ languages, the largest Buddhist Temple this side of the planet, the Hindu Temple in Malibu, a Mosque, a Hare Krishna gathering, and China town…it’s like taking five mission trips in one summer!

    You will be in a small discipleship group, be personally mentored by one of our staff, learn to study the Bible, share your faith, and go deeper in God’s heart for the world. We'll maybe even hit up a Dodger's Game, Hollywood or get some sun at the beach with the entire group on your off-days. We'll have unforgettable speakers and a solid program year after year.