There are so many ways to raise support, but which one's best? And which one is most biblical? Is it a GoFundMe campaign?  A good old fashioned bake sale?  Sending letters?  Or does it even matter, since it's God who ultimately provides for us no matter what? Well, the truth is, just because it's God who holds the final say, that doesn't mean there's not good support raising techniques and bad ones.  No method is perfect, and no method will guarantee that someone gives, but some methods have a proven track record. 

Typically, the rule of thumb is this:  the more personal, the better.  (That's why GoFundMe and bake sales are out--sorry.)  The more personal of a process you can make it, the more respected people feel about you asking them, and the more likely the chances are that they will invest in your ministry or mission trip.  

So what does that actually look like in action?  Here is a manual that will walk you from start to finish on how to raise support in a personal and biblical way.  Click the link below and get started now!

Support Raising Manual