Definition of a World Christian

A Christian who has discovered the truth and need of God's unfulfilled global purpose to reach all peoples. They are those who realize that as Christians they are responsible to act, pray, think, and believe according to their knowledge of this truth.

Our Challenge to You:

  1. Complete lessons 1-12
  2. Read and respond to our monthly email accountability
  3. Begin implementing missions into your group
  4. Develop a small group focused on cultivating students' hearts for the world

The Challenge to Us

Our Role in Response

In response to your commitment to grow as a World Christian, The Traveling Team would like to make a commitment to you. Desiring to help you in every way we can, we have developed a job description for ourselves. As we have opportunity to observe your interest and consistency in completing "your role," we will purpose to uphold our commitment.

We commit to...

  1. Pray for you.
  2. Provide necessary tools for you to become a mobilizer.
  3. Provide follow-up for accountability purposes.
  4. Network you with mobilizers on other campuses.
  5. Offer you first priority regarding the summer project for missions mobilization training.

Covenant of a World Christian

Because the ultimate reality is God's Kingdom, where He will be worshipped by every tongue, tribe, people and nation;

Because, in His grace and incredible love, Jesus has reconciled me to Himself;

Because He will soon return;

And because many still have not embraced these Biblical truths,

I covenant before God to passionately invest my life in obeying Him and reaching the world no matter what role He has for me.