The Traveling Team's Vision

The Lord has truly blessed The Traveling Team since it's beginning in 1999. With a full staff team and thousands of campus meetings behind us, speaking engagements that include Urbana, Campus Crusade Christmas Conferences, summer projects and Baptist State Conferences, it has been an incredible privilege to mobilize college students, as they are such a teachable and send-able group.

From the beginning this has been our vision:

  • Give a challenging "Biblical Basis of Missions" talk and offer one to one follow-up the next day to anyone interested.
  • Focus on 4-year, secular college campuses as our target audience.
  • Offer follow-up steps to the thousands of college students that we speak to so that they can grow as World Christians.
  • Start a new team every 2 years to re-visit the states the previous team has already traveled to.

To carry out this vision effectively, The Traveling Team has divided up the United States into 12 zones (see map). Each zone can be easily covered in a semester. With three teams going this means that The Traveling Team will speak at over 240 campus meetings this year. That's an exciting aspect of how God is using this ministry to serve campus ministries across the nation.

Our purpose is to glorify God by educating and equipping college students to become World Christians who fulfill their responsibility in World Evangelization.


Because there are millions of college students who are uninformed about God's heart for the world. They are looking to live for something that is bigger than their major but are not finding it. Their view of missions is weak at best or that it is for others. God’s plan is for all believers to be involved and students provide the powerful young force behind histories greatest missions movements.


After challenging student's with a biblical and God-centered talk on missions, the team will give them application steps during both the corporate and one to one times.

  • We can provide them with resources such as books, magazines, websites, and videos.
  • We can work through follow up material such as online lessons and Bible studies.
  • We can link them in to several prominent mission agencies to allow them to further steps.
  • We offer a 7-week summer missions training project in Los Angeles that will train them in mobilization.

Will you join us in igniting vision and passion for the world?

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