We could reach the world for Christ any Saturday we want to. But first we must be willing to change where we live and where we give. Our vision is for you to become a "goer" or a "sender" in God's global mission and there are three reasons why...


Five Out of Six Non-Christians Have No Opportunity to Hear the Gospel


Each blue and red dot on the map above represents 50,000 people. Todd Johnson's Atlas of Global Christianity states that 86% of non-Christians of the world are not relationally connected to even one Christian. They are the unreached. People within entire unreached people groups have no opportunity to hear the gospel face to face unless a missionary comes to them and a church is planted that is able to reach them. Being missional "right where you are" is simply not enough. The unreached number over 2.9 billion people. The world is waiting for a hope that is found only in Jesus Christ and that only Christians can bring to them.



Of 400,000 cross-cultural missionaries ONLY 3% go to the Unreached


Don't let the purple fool you, each dot represents just ten missionaries while each red dot equals 50,000 non-Christians. There are plenty of Christians to reach the world but few who strategically go. While very few even move cross-culturally the vast majority of missionaries work among reached nations with a strong Christian presence. As you can see this leaves only 3.3% of all missionaries to work among the 2.9 billion unreached. The world is waiting on a new generation of goers to move into the hardest places.



Of every $100,000 Christians earn only $1 goes TO sending missionaries to the unreached


Each green dot denotes $100 million earned by Christians.  However, since only .001% supports work among unreached peoples, the green is also a visual reminder that our missions spending is not getting to the lost world . Even the giving reported as "missions" by most churches sees 87% of that money go to majority Christian areas for more evangelism. If the money Christians earn were illustrated by the height of Mt. Everest, then giving which actually goes to reaching the unreached would measure the height of a speed bump. Despite enormous resources which God has given the Church, our world is still waiting on Christians to strategically send to the unreached.


The World is Waiting for You

Ask God where you should begin.  How will you develop in each of these areas?


Go by moving cross-culturally with a focus on the unreached peoples of the world. Fill out a short profile and our staff will personally help you get connected with groups that can send you. 

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Go by simply crossing the campus and reaching out to international students. We'll help you welcome and bring the gospel to internationals while they are here. Check out our 1-year playbook. 

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Send by praying for workers and for the unreached world.  Start here by signing up to get daily information to help you pray from Operation World, the most current guide to praying for the world.

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Send by using your finances to launch out others that are taking the gospel to the unreached world.  We have two great giving options that you can start with that focus your money on the unreached.  

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For more information on money and missionaries check out our statistics page.

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