10 Dos and Dont’s of Raising One-Time Support

By Kolbi Redding and Jessie Smith


1.    Believe that support raising is Biblical. Look up Luke 8:1-3, Luke 10:7, Acts 18:4-5, 1 Corinthians 9:1-18. 

2.    Pray for God to make the funds to come in.   

3.    Brainstorm a list of at least 50 names to ask to support you.

4.    Write a short letter to those 50 people that explains what mission you are doing and why you are doing it.

5.    Be specific about the total amount you need to raise and how much you would like for them personally to give toward that total.  Give them a range, such as $100, $150, or $200, but also tell them any amount is appreciated. Many people may have no frame of reference for what to give, so a suggestion may be very helpful.

6.    Explain at the bottom of your letter how they can give.

7.    Mail those letters!

8.    Call every person you’ve mailed after you’ve waited a week for them to receive the letter.  Confirm they received it and see if they have questions about what your trip will entail. Ask them if they have had time to consider supporting you on your mission trip.

9.    Thank each person who gives to you by sending a handwritten thank you note before you leave for your trip. 

10. Share with your supporters about your ministry by sending 1-2 newsletters while on your mission trip (if possible) and with a final newsletter about your mission when you get back.  Don’t forget to thank them again!



1.    Underestimate the impact you can have on someone else’s life by giving them the opportunity to send you on your trip.

2.    Fear you will offend someone by asking them to support you.   

3.    Settle for a bake sale, Facebook, or GoFundMe; it’s impersonal and therefore usually less effective.

4.    Wait until a few weeks before your trip to start talking to people about supporting you.

5.    Offhandedly mention you are raising funds and then expect people to give.

6.    Make it difficult for someone to give by not giving specific directions on how to donate.

7.    Be discouraged when you put work into raising funds and you see little happen at first.  Press on; just because it’s hard work doesn’t mean God’s not in it!

8.    Chicken out on picking up the phone and following up with someone who you have asked to support you or has shown interest.

9.    Burn bridges by being offended when they don’t give, or ungrateful when they do.   

10. Forget to thank each person who gives toward you in at least two ways:  with a handwritten note before you leave for your mission, and then with a newsletter after your mission that explains what you did, what God taught you, and how you were able to see God work!