David Brainerd

David Brainerd was a missionary to American Indians. He saw a revival break out and change an entire tribe. He had a lot going for him. David was engaged to Jonathan Edwards daughter, Jerusha. He was young, he loved the Lord, He had a desire to see the unreached reached for Christ. However, David died at the age of 29 of tuberculosis. He wouldn’t submit to doctors who told him to quit reaching out to the American Indians. He would ride horseback for miles and miles no matter the weather. He slept on the ground. Often He would kneel in the snow and pray to the Lord. His fervor for the Indians’ salvation and God’s glory was so great that when He finished, heat from His body had melted all of the snow within two feet of him. He served the Lord until it killed him. Many missionaries of the past and present have been influenced by the life of David Brainerd portrayed in his diary. One thing that David said was this: “I love to live on the brink of eternity.” Can you imagine living on the brink of eternity? Everything that you do is defined and dictated by the truth that eternity is real and I have a chance today to live accordingly. Do you live on the brink of eternity?