You are a World Christian. You’ve gained some new vision and your heart beats with passion for the world. But maybe your attempts to share this vision you’ve realized that not everyone is like that. Maybe you’ve run into people, even family members, who misunderstand or are even downright critical of you. Those people might be your campus minister or pastor. And maybe they are calling you a fanatic or are telling you just to give it up. And maybe you are starting to listen. Well, don’t give in just yet. Every World Christian has felt discouraged at one time or another. There is an end to it.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you trudge through this difficult time:

First, God is the One who brings the increase. He is the One who opened your eyes and entrusted you with a burden for the lost. You can trust Him to do the same for others.

Second, He asks of us that we pray for laborers (Matt. 9:37-38). It can become a weary task to labor for laborers if we neglect this matter of prayer. Be faithful to uphold those who oppose you, asking God to impart vision. This will keep your trust in Him and your heart soft and encouraged towards them.

And the last thing to keep in mind is that in Galations 6:9 the Lord promises a harvest if we do not give up. Persevere in your sharing, in your prayer, Bible reading and education of the nations.

Don’t worry - you are not the first to feel discouraged as a World Christian. Press on and God will reward your efforts and obedience through this time.

By Jessica A