Giving A Biblical Foundation for Mission


The foundation for our knowledge of God, His plan for the world, and His plan for our lives comes from the Bible. Throughout the Bible we see God’s plan to reach all peoples. It starts in Genesis when he created the world and told mankind to “fill it” and ends with Jesus Christ being worship by people from every tribe, language, people, and nation in Revelation.


You can add laborers by helping someone else understand God’s heart for the nations in His Word. Hearing, reading, studying, memorizing, meditating; these are the five major ways to get the Word of God into your life. These are also the five best ways to get the Word of God into someone else’s life! Think of ways to impact your friend in each of these areas.

Listen to a message on the “Biblical Basis of Missions” from The Traveling Team’s website. Read the Bible with your friend and highlight every verse that talks about God’s heart for the nations (if you’re competitive you can see you finds the most, loser buys lunch…for underprivileged children in Africa through compassion international). As you’re reading, select a few passages about God’s heart for the nations that you can study more in depth. Memorize several “mission” verses together. Find different ways to meditate on the verses together.


Mike was a Bible study leader at his campus in North Dakota. After hearing The Traveling Team he decided to take five weeks to lead his Bible study in looking at God’s heart for the world through the Bible.

Elena and her Bible study began listening to mp3’s that talked about God’s heart for the world. As they saw God’s global purpose through scripture, they began to memorize verses together.


Think of one person that you know that you can ask to join you in studying (or hearing or memorizing or meditating on) God’s heart for the nations. It could be your roommate, someone you just met in your college ministry, your sister, your old youth minister, anyone. If you can think of several people, pray about inviting them to be part of a five to six week Bible study using one of the guides on The Traveling Team website

Write out your plan to put this into action.