As you can see in the map above, out of the twenty-two countries with severe persecution, fifteen are inside the 10/40 Window and four are adjacent. Persecution within each country is different as you look at their religious liberty, those who have been martyred for their faith, and the religious laws of the country. The top five most persecuted countries in the world according to Open Doors International World Watch List are North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Maldives, and Bhutan.

Take time to research the country that God is putting on your heart and find out the specifics of religious persecution within that country. Do a biblical study on persecution and discover what scripture has to say about it, looking at passages like: Matthew 5:10; Romans 5:1-5; Philippians 3:10; and 1 Peter 1:3-9.

Additional Information on Persecution

Persecuted Countries

Pick the country that you are interested in serving. Once you choose the country it gives you general information about the kind of persecution such as religious atmosphere, the government, extremist groups, and suggested actions that you could take.

Prayer Requests

On this Voice of the Martyrs website you can request prayer requests for the persecuted church around the world. You can subscribe to a free monthly newsletter that gives you the latest updates on persecution that is happening in the world.

World Map

A world atlas of maps on each country of the world, created by a collaborative work by Campus Crusade, DAWN, International Mission Board, and many others.