West Virginia

Todd McClure


The course of my life was forever changed when I first heard The Traveling Team talk during my sophomore year of college. Now more than a decade later, I still continue to partner with them, having witnessed dozens of students commit their lives to missions after hearing them speak.  I overwhelmingly endorse them, and I personally feel that The Traveling Team is one of the most strategic and most influential mission mobilization groups of our generation.

Todd McClure, Minister of Missions and Finance for the West Virginia Baptist Convention

Roy Baker

The Traveling Team has one of the best presentations on global missions that I have ever heard.  If The Traveling Team is in the area, we will reorganize our plans to fit them into our schedule because every time they speak our students catch God’s heart for the world.  Every year we send dozen’s of students from our campus into the mission field and The Traveling Team has helped to fan that flame.

Roy Baker, Missional Team Leader, 16 years on staff with Cru