Living a World Christian Life Together


James 1:22 says to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. God could have chosen to use any method to reach the world with His gospel. Christ’s last commands make it clear that the method He was choosing was to use people to reach people. You have a crucial part to play in the greatest story ever. One of the best ways to help others get a heart for the world is to take them to do God’s work with you. Most science classes come with a lab. The reason is because there is a great deal of value and knowledge to be gained from experiencing something firsthand. In the same way, many principles and truths are caught, not taught. If you can help someone learn to impact the world with their lives they will not simply understand facts and have more knowledge but they will experience God’s word and God’s world by participating in God’s work!


Begin teaching someone about God’s Work, here are several ideas:

Recruit a prayer partner to pray with you through Operation World. Pray for 15 days with a friend. Encourage a friend to go on a summer mission trip to an unreached area of the world. It’s even better if you’re going on the same trip together! However, if you just can’t go, don’t hesitate to help others go by praying and giving. Commit to give to mission work in unreached areas. Get your roommates involved – keep a jar in your living room to collect money. At the end of each semester, decide where to send it – to a missionary you know or to a mission agency. Take an international student to Wal-mart or the grocery store and bring an American friend along. Share with a friend what you have learned about sharing the gospel with an international student and invite them to join you the next time you plan to share the gospel.


“Well, if you remember you sat down with my friends Ryan, Pat and me in a little coffee shop at the University of Illinois. You shared with us the Mobilizer model, and that just rocked our worlds. After that, Pat and I decided to go for it. So, right now, where I am typing this email, I am sitting on the floor of an apartment in Western China! The city we are in is an amazing cultural crossroads of Tibetans, Muslims, nomads, tribes, Han, Mongols, EVERYTHING! What a city! God has since then lit a fire for the unreached people within this region in particular. We have only been here about 7 weeks (and we’ll be here a year) but I want to come back for as long as the Lord allows me.” - Craig

“I’m so excited because in our Bible study we listened to one of the talks from the resource CD you gave me, and we’ve been telling others of our friends about all this as well. Also, together we’ve committed to memorizing some of the verses you guys gave us, and, what’s really exciting to me, holding each other accountable to keep with this stuff. We’re all so excited!! I started the lessons and so have a few others. And … we’re all VERY interested in taking a missions trip together this summer, and have decided to start saving and to set aside our summer!! I’m so grateful you guys are willing to really challenge college students!” - Elena


Describe what you will do to help others be actively and consistently involved in God’s Work to reach all the peoples of the world. Be creative!