Mobilize Others With a Single Sheet of Paper


What if you could put everything you have learned about missions so far on one piece of paper with three stickmen, nine lines and fifteen words? Would that be simple and powerful enough to learn? If you met with a Traveling Team staff you probably saw the illustration that we share with thousands of students to cast vision for the world in a simple transferable way with them. In this final module on learning to mobilize others we would like you teach you how to share that world-vision illustration with others.


The action step is going to be fairly simple. Learn the “world vision” and share it with a friend. The great thing is that by now you have already got the elements down- it’s just a matter of putting it all together as God’s Word, God’s World, God’s Work.

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“Last week I shared a modified version of the diagram we went over with my bible study girls. They really seemed interested in it and we had some good discussion when it came to real application points for ourselves. I decided to “officially” go on STINT with crusade next year. I’m not exactly sure where God is leading me to go, but I think it will either be East Asia or New Zealand.” - Eve


Will you set up an opportunity in the next week or two to teach the three W’s? Think about how you would explain God’s Word, God’s World, and God’s Work to someone else. Who will you share with?