Training Visioncasters for God’s Word


Our most potent tool for mobilizing others and sealing a life-long, self-sustaining conviction for missions will have to be built on knowing what the Scriptures teach about God’s mission. By now you know that God’s purpose in reaching the nations has spanned from Genesis to Revelation and that this provides a theme and backbone for the events of Scripture. God’s story is a missions story.


This will be a necessary skill of the person you are training to mobilize. Here are two ideas that you could utilize in equipping them to share the missions theme of the bible.

Walk someone through How to Share the Biblical Basis of Missions Article.

Or have your key person read a more simple Biblical Basis of Missions Article and share it back with you in their own word.  

Give them feedback on their presentation. See if they can create an opportunity to share this missions theme in God’s Word with a small group or with another growing Christian.

Sound Byte

At one summer project, each small group memorized 5-6 missions verses throughout the summer. At the time they didn’t realize exactly what usefulness this would have in helping others grow. During an outing at the end of the summer a few of these students met other Christians while standing in line for an event. They began to discuss what they were doing for the summer and the other Christians began to dismiss the need for overseas missions. The project students immediately began to recite and explain to them the missions verses they had been storing away all summer. In a gentle, Scripture-focused way they were able to help mobilize the people they had just met. The best case for missions is by pointing people to the Word of God.


Choose a “Timothy,” a key person you can mentor as a mobilizer. Write down how you will train them in sharing God’s word with others.