David Platt

I distinctly remember when I first read The 10 Modules and God gripped my heart with His passion for His glory in all nations through it. I praise God for its influence on my life, and I pray that God will continue to use The Traveling Team to mobilize multitudes to live for His fame among all peoples.


Tom Lin


Passionate about both students and God’s mission around the world, The Traveling Team is one of the most effective organizations doing missions mobilization on college campuses. I highly commend them to you.






Shane Sebastian

I can't think of a better group of people to mobilize my students than The Traveling Team. If you want your students to understand God's heart for the world, and how students can be a part of His mission, then have The Traveling Team come serve you. I encourage all my campus leaders to have them come share how God is working in the lives of young people around the world in fulfilling the Great Commission. You're missing out if you don't have them come challenge your students.


Michael Oh

I love The Traveling Team!  Their passion for connecting every Christ-following university student with their unique role in Global Mission is infectious and strategic.  Too many laborers are on the sideline.  The Traveling Team is challenging them to get in the game as Givers and Goers.  Praise God!

Michael Oh, Executive Director of Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization  

Roger Hershey


Staff with Cru love having The Traveling Team come to their campuses. The vision and heart for the world are communicated with such Biblical clarity, power and compassion that students walk away thinking about their role in God's global purposes more than ever. TTT gives our local movements a huge boost by reinforcing what we want to inflame their hearts with and offering practical direction to help them take the next step. I am convinced that the Lord has raised up The Traveling Team at this time in history uniquely to cast the vision, educate and help thrust out the laborers to finally finish the Great Commission in this generation. We eagerly partner with them. No other ministry I know casts the vision, motivates and challenges students better than TTT. Really!

Roger Hershey, Cru Staff veteran

Scott Martin

The Traveling Team has been and continues to be the most effective communicator of God’s heart for the peoples of the world to the collegiate population. Their model of excellence in presentation, cooperation, and servant leadership has effectively served the vision of campus ministries across the United States in a significant manner. Only in heaven will we truly know the depth of global impact TTT has made for the Kingdom of God.


Caleb Haney


The Traveling Team came to one of our weekly meetings and God Showed up! There are believers and non-believers alike at this particular meeting and through The Traveling Team sharing about being on God's mission for the world, we had a student realize that he was not all in with Jesus and decided to go all in a few days later.  I would encourage everyone to expose non-believers on their college campus to The Traveling Team because an understanding of God being a God of all the nations and a desire for us to be a part of his mission is a great way to start a relationship with Jesus Christ!

Caleb Haney, Campus Outreach Director, Tennessee Tech 

Paul Worcester

"If you want to give your students an adrenaline shot of vision for fulfilling the Great Commission in this generation The Traveling Team is the perfect group to bring in. They practice what they preach and each time they speak I have been surprised by what the Holy Spirit has done in students lives." 

Paul Worcester, Director of Christian Challenge (BCM) at Chico State

Glen Davis

I enthusiastically recommend The Traveling Team to you. Their content is solid, their presentation excellent, and their passion evident. I am extremely impressed with their ability to connect with students and am very grateful for their flexibility - they know how to handle the odd things that come up in campus ministry.

Glen Davis, XA Director at Stanford Univ.

Andrew N. Knight

Anytime I hear of The Traveling Team coming through our area I do all I can to get them in front of our Campus Outreach students. They are relevant, missional, careful, nuanced, and inspiring in all tbe right ways. They are there to serve and put together a talk or weekend retreat right-fitted to the audience and preferences of the ministry they are serving. They offer excellent follow up materials and meetings with your students and seek to influence they in ways that correspond to a students desires and maturity and the specific opportunities that particular ministry is challening its disciples towards. Sign them up. You won't be sorry.

Andrew N. Knight, North Area Director, CO Minneapolis

Ryan Bibb

"Suddenly everyone is thinking about missions. When The Traveling Team comes to town, they do more than speak at your meeting. They meet with students in small groups or one on one and they provide resources for students to continue to learn and engage the nations and God's call to missions. This is a first big step to changing the culture of your movement to a "missions minded culture". 

Ryan Bibb, Cru STAFF AT Eastern Kentucky University

Rob Naim

"Our students are still talking about The Traveling Team.  The Traveling Team did a fantastic job of helping our students see God's heart for the world throughout the Scriptures.  And they do it in a compelling and engaging way.  We are so glad we had them join us!"

Rob Naim, Cru MTL, Central Ohio