Jonathan Kennerson

"The Traveling Team beautifully serves campus ministries by casting our mission to reach the campus in the larger context of God's heart to reach the whole world. And not only that, they put the larger context of reaching the nations into the even larger meta-narrative of God's purposes throughout human history, namely blessing us to be a blessing to all creation. They are able to tie the campus to the world to God's purposes throughout history and launch into tangible next steps like no other missions presentation I've seen before."

Jonathan Kennerson, InterVarsity, University of Maine 

Jonathan Ng

With engaging content, humility and a paradigm-shifting focus on the biblical call to missions, The Traveling Team partnered with InterVarsity's Asian American Campus Ministry to invite and empower our students to respond to God's call. The team blessed our ministry tremendously and helped us to drive culture change.

Jonathan Ng, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Cynthia Boline


The Traveling Team has been coming regularly to Boise State for over a decade.  I value the influence, relevancy and content of their always highly articulate and relatable presentation.  Several of our students through out the years would say that their choice to experience missions overseas was influenced by the truth shared by The Traveling Team. 

Cynthia Boline, Boise State University, InterVarsity Campus Director 


Andrew McCarty


"I took a complete shot in the dark by accepting The Traveling Team's offer of presenting at one of our Thursday night InterVarsity gatherings and over a year later it remains one of the most memorable gatherings InterVarsity hosted that year. TTT came incredibly well prepared and polished with a powerful message of becoming a "world Christian" as a sender or a goer in an effort to bring Jesus to the world. TTT brought tremendous professionalism and a fresh voice to reinforce what they have frequently heard from me."

Andrew McCarty, Indiana State University, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Luke Olson


The Traveling Team provides a high quality presentation that jolts students into an awareness of God's global mission. I love watching students wrestle with where they fit into that mission, and I appreciate The Traveling Team's partnership in the gospel as we serve University students together! I strongly commend their work to anyone who works with students and wants to see them grow into globally aware, missionally engaged adults!

Luke Olson, Intervaristy, U Minnesota - Duluth


Melissa Swalla

melissa swalla.jpg

I love the Traveling Team! They bring such a comprehensive Biblical lens to God's heart and mission for all people that engages students who have never thought about world missions, to those who have already served. It's deeply theological and practical. It gives me such a good framework for further conversations with my students. I so appreciate TTT and their work.

Melissa Swalla, Intervarsity in Wyoming, Laramie County Community College