Campus Outreach

Paul Billings


We brought in The Traveling Team for a key leaders retreat aimed at equipping our students with a Biblical vision for missions and practical tools for taking the next step towards becoming 'World Christians.' The Traveling Team did a fantastic job. They were engaging, clear, and inspiring for our students. We have already seen how the training has motivated our students to give themselves more fully to God's Kingdom now and to more seriously consider whether God is calling them to 'send' or 'go.' Highly recommended!

Paul Billings, D.C. Area DIRECTOR, Campus Outreach

Caleb Haney


The Traveling Team came to one of our weekly meetings and God Showed up! There are believers and non-believers alike at this particular meeting and through The Traveling Team sharing about being on God's mission for the world, we had a student realize that he was not all in with Jesus and decided to go all in a few days later.  I would encourage everyone to expose non-believers on their college campus to The Traveling Team because an understanding of God being a God of all the nations and a desire for us to be a part of his mission is a great way to start a relationship with Jesus Christ!

Caleb Haney, Campus Outreach Director, Tennessee Tech 

Andrew N. Knight

Anytime I hear of The Traveling Team coming through our area I do all I can to get them in front of our Campus Outreach students. They are relevant, missional, careful, nuanced, and inspiring in all tbe right ways. They are there to serve and put together a talk or weekend retreat right-fitted to the audience and preferences of the ministry they are serving. They offer excellent follow up materials and meetings with your students and seek to influence they in ways that correspond to a students desires and maturity and the specific opportunities that particular ministry is challening its disciples towards. Sign them up. You won't be sorry.

Andrew N. Knight, North Area Director, CO Minneapolis

Reid Jilek


"Every time The Traveling Team is around Minneapolis we book them. They are relevant, biblical, and winsome as they share God's heart for the world. They also provide practical next steps for students to grow in understanding their place in God’s mission. The beautiful thing is that the Traveling Team comes into what you are already doing and tailor what they do to your setting. They have done a missions night for us, spoke at a weekly meeting, and even had dinner with our team before the presentation. The Traveling Team staff has either been overseas or are about to go overseas, and spend a year mobilizing students outside of that. I am so thankful for The Traveling Team and how they keep missions and the world in front of our students."

Reid Jilek, Campus Outreach Area Director, MN

Joe Hoyt

"The Traveling Team was a big blessing to our ministry, since we value growing our students in world vision. The fact that they specialize in this, while asking for ways they can further affirm what your ministry is already doing is incredible. If you have access to The Traveling Team, I would highly encourage you take advantage of the opportunity!"

Joe Hoyt, Campus Director, Campus Outreach at Georgia College

Matt Francisco


By clearly articulating God's unstoppable plan to bring His good news to the nations throughout all of Scripture and our personal role in the Great Commission, God has used The Traveling Team to help fuel a missions movement among our students. More of our graduates are praying, sending, and going to the field thanks to their work amongst our students!

Matt Francisco, Campus Outreach, Samford U


Zach Oyler


Our visit from The Traveling Team was an extremely refreshing experience. They were relevant, engaging and fun. In an American college culture that continues to tell "millennial" students that God is whoever they want him to be, The Traveling Team is committed to pointing students to the biblical God of the nations who can be seen all throughout scripture. Don't miss the opportunity to host them on your campus! 

Zach Oyler, Campus Director at Campbell University, Campus Outreach

Alan Marsh

Over the years, I have had The Traveling Team come through our ministry 5 times and each time has proved incredibly encouraging and profitable to our work! TTT challenges our students to think about what it means to be a World Christian, while also reinforcing many of the truths about evangelism and discipleship that we as Campus Outreach are trying to pass on to our students. Many of our students have felt spurred on to love and good deeds through them, and even a few have ended up overseas! Hosting the team is a special joy, as our family and fellow staff are refreshed by any time we have with their staff. You will not regret an opportunity to come alongside them in ministry!

Alan Marsh, Area Director Jacksonville, Campus Outreach

Austin Shadoan


"We love having The Traveling Team come at least once every two years because it ignites a fire in our students hearts for the world. The way they unpack the Scriptures shows God's heart for His glory to made known among the nations in a powerful way. Even though our weekly meetings are evangelistic in nature, we still ask the team to come because we believe that they faithfully present the gospel in the presentation and show non-believers the cosmic purpose that we have as believers! If you have a chance for The Traveling Team to come to your ministry I urge you to take advantage of it!"rite here."

Austin Shadoan, Campus Outreach, Georgia Southern University