Bob Anderson

Our campus ministry at Kansas State University has been deeply impacted for the world wide mission of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth through The Traveling Team.  Their powerful presentation, commitment to serve our ministry, and the humble Christlike character of their staff has greatly supported our local ministry.

Bob Anderson, BCM, Kansas State U

Joel Johnson

Joel Johnson.jpg

"We have been privileged to have The Traveling Team help serve in our campus ministries over the years and to have several of our graduates continue to work with such an amazing ministry!  These men and women have a deep heart for Christ and a passion to help this generation of college students learn about God's heart for the world and to see how they can help be a part of the completion of the Great Commission!  You will be greatly encouraged to have them speak with the students on your campus!"

Joel Johnson, Stumo KANSAS State

John Anderson

john anderson.jpg

God used The Traveling Team when I was a student at the University of Northern Iowa to give me a picture of how big He is and how much He loves the nations. Their stories of missionaries who trusted a big God for big things forever changed my life. Now, I love having them come and pass on that same vision to our students as we ask God to raise up world-changers in our ministry!

John Anderson, Navigators Campus Director at Wichita State U