• All Missionaries in the World (Catholic, Protestant, etc.): 400,000 foreign missionaries [1]

  • Missionaries in the Reached World : 309,315 foreign missionaries (77.3%) [2]

  • Missionaries in the Unevangelized : 77,610 foreign missionaries (19.4%) [2]

  • Missionaries in the Unreached : 13,315 foreign missionaries (3.3%) [2]



“Roughly thirty-times as many missionaries go to Reached people groups to work with Christians, as go to Unreached People Groups. Far less go to the Frontier People Groups, where there are as yet no believers. - R.W. Lewis [3]


  • Full time Christian Workers in the World : 5.5 million workers

  • Christian workers in the Reached World : 4.19 million local workers (75.9%)

  • Christian workers in the Unevangelized : 1.3 million local workers (23.7%)

  • Christian workers in the Unreached : 20,500 local workers (0.37%)

missionaries PER religion:

  • Tribals – 714,108,000 population with 11,900 Missionaries: 1 for every 60,000

  • Hindus – 984,532,000 population with 5,500 Missionaries: 1 for every 179,000

  • Unreligious – 831,267,000 population with 11,700 Missionaries: 1 for every 71,000

  • Muslims – 1,703,146,000 population with 4,200 Missionaries: 1 for every 405,500

  • Buddhists – 520,002,000 population with 2,000 Missionaries: 1 for every 260,000


  • The ratio of UPG workers the total unreached world is: 1 missionary for every 216,300 people.

  • There are 78,000 Evangelical Christians for every one unreached people group.

  • Young people have traditionally led the way in going and there are roughly 21 million university students (2014).


Is God to blame for not "Calling" People to Missions?

If everyone is obeying God’s “calling” to be a missionary wherever they are then God is calling 99.9995% of people to work among the 44.3% of the world population that already has the gospel, and calling virtually no one (.0005%) to relocate among the other 55.7% of the world population that are not Christian. You have a better chance of being in a plane crash than being one of the few missionaries to the unreached out of the total 2 billion Christians in the world.

In light of God’s word, this seems unfathomable and it appears to be almost complete disobedience on the part of the Church worldwide to go make disciples of all the nations. Financially we are hoarding 99.99% of our income to ourselves and what little is given is mostly directed toward reached people groups.

The current status quo is to do virtually nothing to reach the UPG’s of the world. The percentages of man-power and money focused on UPG’s are almost undetectable they are so small. The amount of resources that fall off the Christian table for unreached peoples is more comparable (I Googled it…) with the number of skin cells you lose over a month’s time: something hardly worth calling a sacrifice of the body.


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